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Our affect on the environment is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Therefore it is also one of the most urgent problems for us to solve. Technologies are under constant development and everyday we get a little bit closer to having sustainable power-sources. There is a long way left however and we struggle to get there as quick as possible for the sake of the earth.

greenenergylove.com is all about giving you the latest information about renewable energy. If you want to get of the national grid or power your smaller devices with green electricity you can find the information you need here.

Thank you for caring about our environment and looking for ways to help.

Solar Power

The sun is the most interesting power source we have. Every day it provides with energy that would last for years if we could take care of it. We are not there yet but you can use it yourself. See how solar power can make your life green.

See the different topics below.

types of solar panels
Types of solar panels

There are different ways of getting things done. Depending on you situation one option might be better than another. Take an informed decision.

solar panels for camping
Solar panels for camping

You don’t need to be connected to the grid to have access to electricity anymore. You can take advantage of this while out in the nature with a little help from the sun.

solar power
Solar panel kits

You wont come far with just one solar panel if you want to power more than small devices. Luckily there are prepared solar panel kits for you to make your life easier.

small solar panels
Small solar panels

Maybe you want to power your smaller devices with solar power. In that case there are plenty of products designed just for that. Make your laptop and cellphone green.

solar panels for home
Solar panels for home

If you want save money on your electricity-bill you can install solar panels on your house. You can install them on your roof and make your home run on green energy.

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